Surprisingly, not everyone at NYFW is well dressed; the days keep getting longer and the six inch heels from day one get traded in for the designer flats on day seven. Many of the women I talked to let me know that this was their “20-something-th season” so understandably, comfort takes the lead.

However, the experts come dressed to kill. These ladies (along with a slieu of celebrity bloggers) are the ones I have been looking to for inspiration.

Kate Nobelius, a fashion personality and stylist, showed up at the tents in these Alexander Wang booties that have been on my wish list for a couple of months. Until now, I was not sure how to feminize them, so I have been a hold-out, but Kate’s pairing of silk trousers and a blazer with these male-irreverent booties answers the question.

I suggest these Tucker silk pants– they achieve Kate’s Vivien Westwood look but are on SALE for way less than the VW price and the waistline is much more flattering on your backside.