WHAT SHE WORE: Byrdie Bell

It took me a moment to process, but after a few minutes of staring I decided that I actually do like Byrdie Bell’s look from the Winter Wonderland Ball.

I’ll be adding Ellery to the list of Australian designers that I love. Lately the Aussies are kicking everyone else’s rear in the design department. (This on the heels of my continued disappointment with Alexander Wang- pre-fall 2011 is hideous at best.)

The padded shoulder look is a flattering one and Byrdie’s tweed Ari-us jacket is the perfect texture and tone to bring the look together and balance her extra wide flare pants.

Another designer padded shoulder jacket I like is on SALE. Check out this one by Brian Reyes.

Style note: When wearing a shorter coat, layer with a longer top like Byrdie did- it is more flattering.

If you are with me on the top half but hesitant on the extra aggressive, I mean extra wide, flare bottoms, swap them out for a pair of lovestory jeans– my favorite! (They come in maternity too.)