When I get overwhelmed with work, I SALE shop. This weekend I hit up a few SALES (and non-SALES) and here is what I ended up with:

Friday: Max Azria cardi/wrap/dress (3-in-1)

I have been stalking the Max Azria spring collection since it walked and this is my first purchase (see my commentary at PinkMemo here).

Saturday: (man shopping/ for him) retro sunglasses, grey Seven jeans, AG Khakis, striped tee

The boy left for Europe on Sunday morning so we went shopping on Saturday and found him a few updated pieces. I know a striped tee and grey jeans may not be a common denominator in the male wardrobe, but it should be.

Also a solid find: AG “khakis.” These are such a sexier fit than the basic Polo khaki pant; I just can’t handle a bunchy butt and these by AG eliminate that excess fabric.

Sunday: Stella McCartney cobalt shorts (new color obsession); 3.1 Phillip Lim pants, 3.1 Phillip Lim crop top; thrifted YSL gladiator sandals.

Once I got him on the plane, I had a little “me: time. Neiman Marcus Last Call is near the airport and they had just received a shipment. I scored a 3.1 Phillip Lim cropped top (yes, I did it- inspiration from GOTM, Marisol), some 3.1 slouchy pants and a pair of Stella cobalt shorts that I can not wait to wear in Austin this weekend with my new Bass loafers and Celine bag.

On the way home I called one of my favorite resale shops and purchased the YSL gladiator sandals I saw in the store last week.