Denim (right there next to leather, for me) is the foundation of most women’s wardrobe. A good pair of jeans and a designer bag and you are set.

My denim wardrobe consists of two black (CoH velvet and F21 skinny) one indigo (J Brand Lovestory), one olive cargo (J Brand Houlihan) and one grey (shane by genetic)- all of which I would suggest to you. These are wardrobe builders, ladies.

The hardest pair of all to find was definitely the grey skinny. In the wrong wash, this hue can appear like a legging and make even the best of legs seem lumpy.

However, every woman needs a pair of grey skinny jeans. Wear them like a basic and vacilate them in and out with your black skinnies. They tend to make any look seem more styled.

Hands down, the best pair (and Sienna Miller, Kate Beckinsale and JLo all agree) is the Shane in Silver by Genetic denim. The wash is forgiving, the length perfect and the color season-less.