Happy #venzeditsBumpDay! This week I am excited to share a tip with you from one of my New York fashion friends, Managing Editor of Vogue.com and mom to two beautiful daughters, Alexandra Macon.

I especially appreciated Alex’s new-mom advice because I am a minimalist- I do not like to have extra things and I am constantly cleaning out our house, a habit that we both share.

As a mother of two, Alex learned from baby #1 and then did some things differently with baby #2. Here is her advice:

With my first baby, I tried to be as minimalist as possible.  We didn’t have a lot of space in our apartment so I refused to load up on baby stuff that I deemed (for whatever reason) to be unnecessary.  As a result, I was staunchly against getting a breastfeeding pillow.  My logic was: My mom didn’t have one so why should I?  Big mistake.  Finding a comfortable position to breastfeed in was difficult with baby #1, and my back and neck hurt constantly.  

The second time around we had a bit more room at home, so I indulged.  I added the Boppy to my Diapers.com shopping cart and never looked back.  It made a BIG difference.  The pillow is super soft, made feeding easier, and full disclosure: I still cuddle up with it from time to time—sometimes I even use it to prop my laptop up on while working in bed.

Not only is Alex a new mom, but she also recently launched a blog called Over the Moon with another one of my long-time fashion friends and Voguette, Andee Olson. Over the Moon focuses on chic weddings and all that goes with them. You have to check it out; the wedding stories are addicting and the imagery is beautiful.

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