A few days ago we received one of the new DASH bracelets ($520) from and we can’t go into public without women everywhere trying to snatch it off of our wrist.

So…in the spirit of paying it forward, we have decided to give it away to one of our readers.

Here’s how you can win: Just “like” (fan) the VENZedits facebook page and/or your favorite story and then do one of two things: either retweet this post, and make sure to include the #VENZedits hashtag, or leave a comment below telling us why this bracelet must be yours.

Anyone in the world is eligible, as long as you can receive delivered packages. We’ll randomly select a winner and contact you for more details.

  • Bracelet Lover

    Dear Masters of All Style and Fashion,
    This Dash bracelet needs someone with passion.

    That bracelet is no piece of junk!
    Give it to a girl with some spunk!

    I promise you that I am that lady,
    And, I will do that bracelet justice, baby.

    With those sparkles and shine,
    I will be quite the find.

    So do us all a big a favor,
    And, reward me for my poetic labor!

    Or because I wrote this peom at work!
    So don’t be a big ole dork.

    And, choose me for your gorgeous give away!!
    I promise to never write another poem anyways 🙂

    Much love,

    Bracelet Lover


    Love it!! I need this for all the holiday parties!

  • Dorothy

    This bracelet needs to be on the wrist of someone who appreciates the art of sparkles. Someone who isn’t ashamed to add a lil (or a lot of) BLING BLING to their ensemble. Bring it home to Mama. 🙂

  • Lindsey

    The Dash bracelet is the perfect little holiday bauble to add a “dash” of glitz and glam to my perfect holiday party ensemble avec See by Chole and Michael Kors. I can only hope I am the lucky one selected to add it to my wardrobe, it’s the perfect wrist adornment! Happy Holidays!

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