VENZEDITS MOM TIPS: Invisibile Heels

invisible heels, heel lifts

Like we talked about last week, I am always looking for quick wins to make myself look a little better on a day-to-day basis. Certainly, I am investing in the long term- like training for a 5K (try not to laugh, I am going from zero exercise to a 5K so this is a big deal for me)- but I am also looking for quick fixes/upgrades.

Have you guys heard of heel lifts or invisible heels?

A few seasons ago, Isabel Marant started using invisible heels to sell boots and sneakers, which worked, because you could look casual while also having the leg-lengthening benefits of a heel.

I was recently given a pair of invisible heels and I am now a huge advocate for them. My heels hurt from running, so it helps with that pain, but my legs also look longer (therefore thinner) so I’m all in.

This isn’t a tip to squander- share with your girls. #SquadUpgrade