best brows

In my first few months of being a mom, I have had to learn how to organize and plan my days and weeks so that all of the moving pieces (think babysitters, birthday presents, baby food refills, dog boarding, nanny scheduling…list goes on) fall into place. We are only a one child, two dog, two parent household, but all five of us have a lot going on. Think Tetris, family style.

I am now realizing what other moms have always said- that my needs come last. If my dogs have fresh water and food, my husband can find his favorite shirt, my seven-month-old daughter is clean, dressed, and her diaper bag is re-packed, then we are in good shape to walk out of the house. In that scenario, I usually have wet hair and no makeup on- but my family is good to go and that makes me happy.

I am absolutely fine with the above scenario, but I have had to find a few mommy-fixer-uppers to help keep me looking attractive for my sweet husband and our team at work.

The latest of my tricks is called microblading, a temporary skin tint for your eyebrows that looks natural but keeps them looking full and well-shaped for 6 months to a year. I realized that if I could wake up with my brows on point, and if they could stay that way all day, that I was at least 50% more put together on a daily basis.

Microblading started in Europe but it is becoming more popular in the states. I credit Cara Delevigne with bringing the brow back.

The process takes about an hour and costs $450. (Seems like a lot, but think about how much you pay to have your hair colored…and this is just once per year, and your brows will be perfect around the clock.)

I recorded my session so you can see what all is involved: