The Ultimate Baby Guide | Bath Time


Who else loves baby smell? I especially love clean baby smell after a fresh bath! I feel like I have bath time down to a science this time around and these are the products that got me feeling like a mom pro:

  1. Erbaviva Wash Sachets – These things are amazing! They are all organic and great for sensitive baby skin.
  2. Baby Wash Cloths – Super gentle and soft.
  3. Baby Towel Wrap – I am so obsessed with this elephant wrap.. it is too cute for words.
  4. Sink Bath Tub & Baby Support Insert – This tub is the perfect size to fit in your kitchen sink. The insert is perfect for bathing Boyce, then I can take it out to bathe Birdie.
  5. Nail Clippers – It is amazing how fast their nails grow! I have basically had to keep Boyce in little mittens since he was born.
  6. Wooden Brush – For their hair (if they have any).
  7. Baby Hair & Body Wash & Lotion – Obsessed with this stuff. It smells amazing and is oh so gentle!


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