Last week I was invited to host a main stage session at a VentureBeat (tech) conference in San Francisco. One of my favorite sessions was led by the founder of OpenTable who announced that OpenTable has launched a new Uber-like service where you can book your restaurant reservation and also pay for the meal, all in the app! I use Uber all over the world when I travel for business and I love being able to jump in and out of the car without ever having to dig for cash or wait for the driver to swipe my card (after a long fight about how I do not have cash).

The OpenTable program just started so if you want something fun to try this week, and you want to get $20 off of your meal (whoop!), just go to pay.opentable.com and use code “mobilebeat2015” to get $20 towards your first meal through end of July.

I am obsessed with this kind of make my life easy type of stuff. Let me know what you think!

  • Olivia Luko

    Very cool. I’m hoping Uchi in Dallas will enable this feature soon. Thanks for sharing!

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