What do the following list of celebrities have in common: Kate Moss, Alessandra Ambrosio and Elle Mcpherson.

They are all supermodels, exude sexiness and rock flare denim.

Remember earlier this month when I told you that Shopbop gave me 10 unique discount codes for 20% off? I used mine to buy new J Brand Lovestory jeans. (There are a few left and they expire today so click here to see what to do to get one!)

I have worn the Lovestory for at least five years now and I have them in Ink, Dark Vintage, Oneil and White. The wide waistband contours your curves and covers potential love-handles and the slim fit through the knee makes us all look a little skinnier.

I also love the nap of the Current Elliot version. They are a bit more casual and soft as tissue. These are to be worn with flats.