It is hard to classify a style as unique as Margaret’s because it is perfectly clean with a street edge twist.

Her ability to take would be hippie grunge and transform it into runway-yet-wearable chic is just one reason we admire her aesthetic.

“I loved this Proenza tank so much, so I bought it in two colors,” she tells me as she dresses for the shoot. Her full black skirt gives the look an unexpected girly twist while her heavy wedge booties bring us right back to the catwalk.

To incorporate this look into your own wardrobe now, try this Patterson J. Kincaid Twisted Monaco Tank (Just $78!) and tuck it into a full black skirt. I suggest the A.L.C. Leather Laight Skirt because the leather introduces another texture and it will be great to pull out for fall and wear with your tights.

Who said tie-dye was strictly for summer? If you are looking to invest in the real deal for fall, Proenza has introduced a long-sleeved version in an oh-so-gorgeous green hue. An investment piece like this is forever. Take good care of it and pass it down. This print is framable.

To finish off the look, grab that designer moto bag and your best booties, glads or oxfords (the three pairs of shoes every girl should have in her wardrobe this season).

To be worn day or night.