Sunglasses / Black Jeans / Heels

Really. Its not. Don’t wear this- it was clearly unflattering. But that is not the point; the point is that these black jeans are perfect.

There are a few pieces that every girl needs in her wardrobe; nicely fitting, extra black, skinny jeans are one of those pieces.

Last month in London, I saw my friend Alba wearing a beautiful pair of black jeans– so I had to ask where to get them (and then go buy them 30 minutes later). They were such a deep shade of black, perfectly skinny all the way to the ankle, high waisted (so they feel like Spanx) and…SO INEXPENSIVE!


Photography by Merritt Beck.

  • Um

    Those are not easy jeans. Easy jeans do not have a zipper at the ankle. Isn’t knowing stuff like this, your job, or whatever?

    • venzedits

      I have a pair of basic J Brand skinny jeans and I had to have them altered to be tighter on my ankle (skinny jeans that are baggy at the ankle just don’t look right); however, after the alterations it was incredibly difficult to get my foot through the opening and when I did, the ankle band stretched out and did not fit closely to my leg.

      The zipper in this pair makes them easy to get on and it helps the ankle band to stay closely fitted to my leg. It is really a nice feature.

      Seems like you had a rough day. I sure hope it gets better- this is only Monday.

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