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I have never gotten a tattoo; there is no symbol or phrase or personally meaningful event that has me wanting to commit to permanent ink (or scaring, in the case of removal) at this point in my life. I crave constant change (hence is my recent hair history) and that characteristic precludes me from this type of artwork.

That said, back in April I saw Chiara’s tattoo and I loved it. I kind of wanted it. The super fine ink lines are feminine and the tattoo made sense for her- she got an outline of the earth’s continents and she is a world traveler.

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My friend, Temoc, recently introduced me to the instagram account of Chiara’s tattoo artist, @dr_woo_ssc. I have scrolled through his work and if I ever choose to get a tattoo, I would likely choose him. He creates the thin ink lines that are more rare and that I prefer.

A Swiss blogger, Soraya, recently released sheets of temporary tattoos- much more my scene. Here are a few other packs so you can get the look:

  • Monica

    Love this! I don’t think I could commit to a permanent tattoo but a temporary tattoo (kind of like chanel a few seasons ago) can be a cool idea

  • chelsie

    love chiara’s tattoos – all of them!

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