I first saw Berliner’s work at age 15 when Ashley Olsen donned one of her handmade garments after an MTV interview. This was around the same time that MK (and I) came out with red hair and when the Olsen twins announced that they were no longer “the Olsen twins.”

Years have passed but the picture of Ashley in that Berliner dress has remained on my inspiration board (aka: my to buy list).

Last month, Jackie from V.O.D. invited me in to meet Magda Berliner and I had the privilege of spending some time with the designer and getting a custom fit piece.

Watch. Her individuality is beyond trends.

Before the interview, I spent some time with Magda and she told me about finding her dress from 2004 featured on OlsensAnonymous and the outpour of praise it received. What did she do? See below.