The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

OK team, this is a PSA: you need to take three minutes right now and order your a mothers day present. 

Why so urgent? Because by ordering right now, you can give them something that is personalized, which by nature shows that you think about their happiness and have prioritized planning for this celebration of gratitude for them. All I am saying is that this is low-hanging fruit to be the favorite daughter…and think how accomplished you will feel today for doing this…

As I’m sure you do as well, once I find a vendor that I like, I use them over and over. A few years ago, all of Baxter’s friends got married and I wanted to give them something personal and useful that they would not buy for themselves so I sent them all Audrey Durden outdoor service sets. Patting myself on the back as I remember this gifting season because it was $130 for the set and I was able to give them all 4 tall glasses, 4 high balls, a personalized tray and a pitcher! Proud because it was one of my most thoughtful gifts and it looked like a very expensive one. (PS: if you are looking for something special at a more budget-friendly price, I would absolutely suggest the set of 4 custom stemless glasses for $40. We use ours daily!)

This year for Mother’s Day, I went back to the Audrey Durden and decided to give all of the motherly women in our lives personalized monogram broaches. They will be such a cute addition to the breast of a white blouse to be worn with skinny jeans, and would also be something special to pin on spring coats and jackets. What I love about this gift is that is will be a family heirloom and those are harder to come by these days. 

Happy shopping! Order today or tomorrow to get your custom pieces in time for Mother’s Day!



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