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You know that one accessory that seems to complete every outfit? It is so perfect that you find yourself building outfits around it just so you can wear it? My parents bought me my first designer bag when I was in high school; it was a brown Gucci horse bit hobo bag. Every time I wore that bag, I felt like my outfit was untouchable, perfect.

Getting my first designer accessory was a major fashion milestone for me.

Now that I am an adult, I use my birthday as an excuse to splurge on that perfect piece- usually an accessory. Like any girl, I love wearing designer items, but I have to pace those purchases. I fill my wardrobe with high-end looking frugal finds (and a lot of Alexander Wang that i find on SALE) and then get a designer shoe or bag to elevate the look.

Here are a few of the designer SALE bags and shoes that I am currently stalking:, my main source for year-round SALE shopping, has partnered with 17 of their key designer brands to create a custom archive piece that is sold exclusively on for their 5th birthday and the collection launches today! Earlier this month, I was invited to join Wendy, Aimee, Helena and Jess for the filming of their 5th birthday tribute video (can’t wait to share it with you!) and I got to wear Nicholas Kirkwood’s piece, a gladiator bootie whose heel is a piece of fashion artwork- my new designer it piece.

amber venz, nicholas kirkwood, theoutnet5

nicholas kirkwood theoutnet5, amber venz, venzedits

THE nicholas kirkwood shoes

amber venz, theoutnet5, nicholas kirkwood, outnet exclusive, the joule dallas, venzedits

amber venz, venzedits, theoutnet5, nicholas kirkwood shoes, the joule dallas

THE 5th birthday 5th Birthday exclusive collection available here.