I think the first time I saw this Hermes tray was on The City (R.I.P.) on Olivia Palermo’s coffee table. Since then, I see them everywhere! So why can I not find one…

For items that I can check off of the list, this 3.1 Phillip Lim peplum top has been at the top for a while. Can you image it with a pair of Karen Walker sunnies? I die.

  • Megan Abigail Chandler

    yep … that tray is pretty freakin’ cool!

  • Katie

    I’m loving that top! xx Katie

  • Mary

    Amber, I die over that tray! Just posted something on it too…

    Keep up all the great blogging! I love it all.

    • Amber Venz

      Yes! Love a DIY! They have that orange tray at Crate & Barrel for about $25.

  • A

    Hey! I have done some research on the original Hermes tray and the real one is wood. A company in Mexico is making them out of plastic and hand painting them like the real Hermes tray. The above link is still a great tray and looks identical to the real but I just wanted to inform everyone!

  • Hermes addict

    It’s so hard to get this tray, can someone inform me where can i buy one online ? I am from the Netherlands….help me, p l e a s e! …

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