The Fun Hat Edit

Hats have been one of my new found favorites. They are versatile and function while still adding to any outfit. I have been wearing hats to the Local Chapter, on our trip to Cabo, and really anytime I want to shade my face from the sun.

For our trip to Cabo, I brought my oversized straw hat which was perfect for the beach. Because it was so large, I had to carry it through the airport, but was so worth it with the coverage it provided!

Here, also in Cabo, I opted for the same hat with my favorite heart caftan from La Vie Style house. It was easily dressed up, while still being able to transition back to a beach hat during the day.

This fun polka dot hat was a must-have for me. The tie around the neck was a lifesaver for those random gusts of wind. The polka dot print is sold out, but it is still available in a pretty floral print and is *on sale 50% off*. I wore this around the pool, but I also love using it out at The Local Chapter as well!

This hat has been a staple in my closet for quite some time. It is my go-to hat for the Local Chapter. Recently, I bought these scarves which added a little extra pizzazz to it. Such an easy addition and *completely* changes the look.

A style tip I picked up over the years is how to add a personalized touch to just about anything. This included hats! For a simple DIY that makes your hat seem that more special, take some yarn and thread and sew on your initials or name. It will make all the difference next time you wear it.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect hat, I’ve linked several great options below. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and also in the app. Happy Shopping!