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Furniture can be so expensive- you can not afford to make a mistake. Where do you put it when you no longer want it? Where can you sell it? You cant just ditch it…

Mid-century designer furniture is making a comeback and that is because it is timeless. Who is going to discard an Eames lounger? No one wants to have to get new furniture; if you just purchase classics, you will never need to get anything else.

My favorite classics are the Eames lounger, Eames arm chair, Barcelona everything, some Platner pieces…

FYI: knowing designer furniture is like knowing designer purses- learn them.

Some of my home pics // things to know and things to buy:

  • Rachel Rodin

    Come over to, the new way to buy nearly new furniture. We often carry these classic pieces on consignment at amazing prices. I agree, why would anyone get rid of things this fabulous???? xo

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