Over the holiday weekend I ran into an old friend, Tait, and his fiance, Katie, and she was wearing the most beautiful and classicly feminine sunglasses I have seen in a while- think Olivia Palermo meets South Carolina.

I might have stared…

They were still on my mind the next day so I called to ask- they were the Ricky glass by Ralph Lauren. I have never paid much attention to the RL women’s eyewear collection, although I think the men’s line is sexy.

These are a yes. Ladies, meet your summer shade.

PS: These pictures do NOT do this frame justice- you have to see them.

  • Megan Abigail Chandler

    Ralph Lauren is my style crush. I tear out his ads from magazines and frame them … I mean, you have to with models and styles like that, right?

  • Kat Tanita

    I love these sunglasses! I’ve been looking for that cat eye that isn’t too severe and this is it!


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