The Cherry App is Here!

I have some exciting news to share with all of you – the launch of the new Cherry App! It officially launches today on the iTunes Store and is invitation only at launch, exclusively available to the immediate Dallas area. You can use the code “VENZEDITS” to skip the waiting list and access the app immediately.
A little background on Cherry:
In 2015, rewardStyle was growing and I also had a baby! As you can imagine, there was not much flexibility in my schedule for personal grooming, like getting my nails done. I ended up befriending a nail technician who began to come to our house at times nail salons weren’t open: 6AM before flights or 9PM after work and when Birdie went to bed—these were times that better suited my schedule and helped me keep a polished look.
Last year, my friend Whitney Wolfe Herd, the founder of Bumble, and I were invited to Sheryl Sandberg’s house and on the flight there, we realized that neither of us had our nails done because we didn’t have the time to visit a nail salon before one of the most exciting days of our lives! If we can order a ride, order a meal, order a massage, why can’t we order a manicure?
We seeded the idea with our friend Aaron, who is now the CEO of Cherry. Baxter, Whitney and myself all invested in the idea and are serving as advisors.
I hope that Cherry helps you, your spouse, your friends and family #HaveItAll. Friends don’t let friends sit in a salon, so for those of you who have been subjected to the “fume room,” I hope Cherry makes your life a little sweeter.