The Best Toddler Bicycles

Dallas, Texas

When I went to find the photos I took of Boyce and his new bicycle, I found more than 400 photos of bicycles on my phone and one of my first two instagrams EVER was an artsy shot of bicycles on a stand; no doubt, bicycles are a photogenic symbol of joy and a right of passage in our culture. Just like potty training, learning to dress yourself or learning to read, learning to ride a bicycle is a childhood milestone.

Given that Boyce’s April birthday fell during this chapter of social distancing and quarantine in the US, we wanted to get him a toddler bicycle.

When researching children’s bicycles, it was important to me that it have a classic look and be something that we could pass down through our other children.

I first discovered TokyoBike online and as I searched for classic bike brands, it became clear that they are in a league of their own. (Anyone who has researched will tell you, find a classic toddler bike is truly like finding a needle in a haystack.)

We ordered ours online (as one does) and it was easy enough to set up on our own, without having to wait for bike stores to reopen.

At first, Boyce was nervous to ride on his own, despite having training wheels. I kept my hand on his shoulder as he rode to give him some security, while letting him move along and steer on his own.

Learning to cycle has been a great way to use our time together productively and to grow his sense of independence over the summer before the next school year.

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