Last weekend my mom and I spent some time decorating the tabletops in my home. Throughout the last few years I have collected unique accessories, so I thought my tabletops would just naturally look like the set of a sitcom.

They did not.

To be honest, the entire process took me a little too long- it was hard! I searched Pinterest for at least an hour and then poked around on some of my favorite interior blogs but I didn’t find anything that was actionable.

With that experience in mind, I have started a new series on VENZedits, Tabletop Tuesday.

This month I will show you tabletops from my home and starting December 4, you will get to see some tabletops from the homes of my favorite bloggers. I hope you are inspired!

(West Elm Rug; Hermes Avalon Blanket)

  • return man 2

    Nice share, thanks.
    return man 2

  • Sandra Cosma

    Not what I was thinking but excellent anyway! Nice one!

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