Supportive and Affordable Sports Bras

Venzedits Affordable Sport Bras

Who else has spent a ridiculous amount of money on a sports bra, only to find that it is either suffocating or not supportive enough? I have made this mistake too many times. But I was pleasantly surprised to find the Champion Activewear line at Target has amazing sports bras that fit me perfectly (and come to find out, a lot of my girlfriends too!). My favorite is the classic seamless racerback – it is supportive, comfortable, and the price doesn’t break the bank. At $16.99, I can buy multiples and don’t have to do laundry nearly as often (for a busy mom, this is huge).

Even if you aren’t training for a 5K or running marathons, it is good to have a sports bra that fits you and gives enough support for the workout you love. I have chosen affordable, shoppable options for different activity levels below. Simply click on the images to shop!








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