BCBG Maxi Dress; BCBG Harness; Alexander Wang Clutch; Amber Venz Jewelry.

Yes, I do own prints; this is one of three. Tribals and ink blots are my favorite.

I am usually seen in monochromatic looks; however, I decided to sell out get a look that men would like for summer date nights. Apparently they like color and skin…

This BCBG maxi dress only had one texture, so I added the leather harness* for depth. The accessory looks like it was made for the dress, but I have been able to wear it will both summer and fall looks (it is cold in London!). *If you think a leather harness is extreme, Lanvin and Hermes put them on the runway years ago; Harnesses are a luxury item- not leftovers from an S&M shop. Relax, and buy a harness.

I used to have a jewelry line and all of the jewelry that you see is from the line. My last collection was heavily pavé, as you can see. Maxi dresses can look formal so do not wear gold or silver accessories- you will look like you are going to prom. Instead, wear gunmetal and rough-cut diamond accessories. The coloration is more casual.

Photography by Merritt Beck.