Neutral Meets Texture

Venzedits Baraboux Daniela

Venzedits Baraboux Daniela


Being 8 months pregnant and having a 1 year old makes life a little more difficult to get around. Mainly because with Birdie, there is no walking, just sprinting.. and I can barely keep up! I love this Baraboux Daniela Tote because it comes with a thick strap that is perfect for busy working moms like me. I paired it with my neutral trench, grey jeans, and low heels (I don’t do high heels much anymore – your feet will thank you). The soft Ayers skin on the tote adds a nice texture contrast to the outfit, especially against the distressed sleeve detail of the sweater.


Baraboux Daniela Tote | Trench | Sweater (similar here) | Jeans | Sandals | Sunglasses

  • Shaunda Necole

    I just adore this jacket~ a classic with a twist of ELASTIC at the wrists!!! Although I love the look, I have often found trenches to be clumsy and oversized for myself, so this is certainly a fantastic evolve.
    Many Thanks for the post!

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