At different times in my life I have worn different stacks of bracelets. I tend to put them all on my left wrist and leave the right one bare- probably because I can’t fit a stack through the handle of any of my bags. The drawbacks of having large features…

I have always heard that you can tell where a man has been and where he is going by his shoes (although some women might argue that it is actually his watch). I think you can tell the most about a woman by the decor, or lack there of, on her wrists.

Say what it might, my current stack is a cobalt Hermes bangle, leather Hermes cuff and an oversized gold watch.

One of my friends, Matt, wears two watches- one for his time zone and one for his sister’s. One faces forward and the other one back.

I think Matt is on to something because in the April Elle, Charles Varenne’s editorial showed several models in the double watch look.

Here are a few of my favorite bracelets: