Amber Venz Baxter Box Engaged Wedding

My fiancé and I are going to Mexico next weekend. As I began to pack his bag for our two-week trip, I realized that I have seen all of the same swim trunks and tee shirts in his vacation pictures since he was in college.

As a female in the fashion industry, I am always getting new clothes for parties and events, but his wardrobe has not benefitted from the same constant attention.

I have never really shopped online for mens clothing so I never realized how much less expensive mens clothes are than women’s! $500 got him about five full outfits; the same would get me a great maxi dress.

Here is what Mr. Mr. will be taking to Cabo:

PS: LastCall is having a SALE: 35% off of 1 piece or 40% off when you buy 4 or more pieces. They have some great basics for men; I stocked up on Vince cashmere for him.