The Softest Newborn Outfits

Baby B will be here in less than a few weeks! I cannot believe we’re about to have four little ones around the house, but my body is so ready.

When Birdie was born, I quickly discovered what did and did not work when it comes to newborn clothing and all of my children have lived in these pieces here for their first few months of life. The cotton is the softest on the market and these pieces have held up much better than what I have found at other chain stores.

These baby kimono wraps are a *must*. There is nothing worse than having to pull clothes over a newborn baby’s head; its hard and they hate it. These kimonos make for an easy change from one outfit or diaper to the next. Also, they could easily be embroidered with initials to add a little special touch (something I often do for my new mom friends). I bought the tri-color three-pack and the white three-pack for $15 at H&M.

I always get the matching footed pants and scarves as well. Newborn socks never seem to stay on, so these footed pants are such a better option. The scarves/bibs are not a fashion accessory (although they are cute), but are so necessary to keep spit-up off of the collar of these clothes (milk and formula stain like red wine).

Prior to Baby B’s arrival, I will be posting my hospital bag and his coming home outfit. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and also in the app. Stay tuned!