Last summer we searched high and low for the creamy Chloe bikini with laser cut scalloped edging and rosy peach bows. Although it seemed to be featured in EVERY ad campaign, NO ONE ordered it for the store!

J CREW is our hero. Not only have they hired one of the best catalog stylists we have ever seen, Jenna Lyons, they have also found a design team that knows what’s up.

Check out the solid scalloped bikini in rosey peach and white. It is perfect AND ON SALE!!! Just $29.99 for the bottoms and $34.99 for the top. We ordered the peach as a set and the white bottoms to wear with a pastel 3/4 length v-neck sweater for those days in Cabo where guacamole becomes more important than keeping our 6(ish) pack.

Do It Yourself: To add a sweet and stylish touch to this bikini, visit your local trim store and buy some pastel grosgrain ribbon (peach for the white suit or cream for the peach suit)- about 1.5 yards for one suit. Cut the ribbon into three equal sections and tie a square-knotted bow with each piece. Make sure that your bows are symmetrical. Next, sew one bow onto each side of the bikini bottoms (where a string bikini would tie) and the final bow centered between the bust.