She Said Yes!

Several weeks back, my brother told me that he was planning to ask his girlfriend to marry him. We talked on the phone about how he might propose and I got to go ring shopping with him and re-learn all about cuts and clarity and trending settings. It was so fun, and it was such a sweet memory that I have of the two of us.

When Baxter proposed to me, he planned a surprise party with our friends and family for that night and that second surprise made the whole night even more special, so I offered to do the same for my brother and his bride.

As an aside, Baxter and I are in our 30s and it seems like life is passing by so quickly. Lately, I have really wanted to make magical memories and I wanted to make that night – a once in a lifetime experience – one that they could cherish and remember with such joy. If we don’t take the time to soak in those big moments, we are missing out on one of the most beautiful parts of life. Plus, the bride and groom will remember this day for the rest of their lives, and they will tell their children, and I wanted to make sure that it was a perfect day for them, and for our families. 

Back to the party:) 

We went with a white theme. Odd? Well here is the reason: if only the bride wears white, she doesnt stand out as much. If everyone else is in white and she is in a great, bright dress, you can locate her at any time and she is the clear featured guest.

Since it was a surprise party, my brother had to find a way to get her to wear a bright dress so I loaned him my new La Vie heart dress, which could not have been more perfect for the summer party. (The dress will be for sale online soon – ill let you know when!)

The central feature of the event was the custom light sign by Alpha Lit. We decided to install “LINDSAY SAID YES” in bright lights and I have never seen a more incredible backdrop- especially for a sunset party. It was so beautiful and professional and special from the moment the bride-to-be walked in the gate, and as the sun went down, it became the central source of light. Jennifer, the founder at Alpha Lit, is such a hustler and I would highly recommend their service for any special event. 

We decided to host an indoor/outdoor party, with the bars outside and the food inside. I’m not much of a cook and I also didn’t want to make the party too formal with stuffy apps, so I ordered endless quesadillas and guac and offered them for self-service on our kitchen island. 

What is a party without dessert!? Given that this was an engagement party, I wanted to have a photogenic dessert table so I ordered a white, 12′ balloon garland from Lushra and then 40 white cupcakes from Sprinkles – their  “I DO” package of bowtie and engagement ring cupcakes. I wanted the cupcakes to be featured at various heights and I could not find enough tiered dessert trays that I liked so I supplemented by going into my stash of glass vases, flipping them over, and placing the cupcakes on top. It looked great! Total kitchen/party hack. 

I always love to personalize party props so I ordered shatterproof cups that said “N&L” and then napkins with their names and “till death do us party.” They were adorable. (I designed them myself using “futura” font.)

And last but certainly not least, zeeeee cocktails. I partnered with Ketel One Botanical to serve Botanical Sprtiz cocktails. Heard of it? They have zero sugar (I see you #keto people) and about half the calories of wine (big win for swimsuit season). The recipe is super simple:


1.5 Oz Ketel One Botanical

3 Oz. Club Soda

Garnish of fresh fruit / herbs

Oh, and the music. I used two ion portable, waterproof bluetooth speakers and played Buena Vista Social Club. 

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