givenchy shark tooth necklace, luv aj shark tooth necklace

Shark Week started today, so I find it completely appropriate to revisit the shark tooth trend.

Just like Balenciaga cutout boots, this trend is far from over. Last season, Givenchy introduced the look by walking oversized shark teeth necklaces down the runway like flava-flav clocks. I wanted one…but couldn’t find the $1K+ to commit.

Before the economic crisis, a designer would never sell an item several seasons in a row; however, now, the staples last. Givenchy has brought the shark tooth back and the high street has had time to prepare. Luv AJ has the best replica inspired piece at $176.

luv aj, shark necklace, replica givenchy shark necklace

Givenchy is not the only one making these dainty little charm necklaces. Aussie Estelle Dévé did this piece that won my heart in mid-2012. Her collection is available here and here.

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If you are interested in the real thing, there are a few that have hit the sale racks. Check out these options for the look at a discount: