You may have noticed by now that we are a sucker for anything SILKY and CREAM- but what can we say, it is season-less and layers so well.

This is the perfect look for Friday night and the entire look is SO CHEAP! The only bad news (if your an e-commerce guru) is that a few of the pieces are not yet available online so you will have to stop by the stores to pick them up.

We have been loving SILENCE + NOISE from Urban Outfitters because the pieces are generally under $70 and their designers always come up with the most creative and unique prints. (Note to self: when buying prints, ALWAYS look for the most unique print.) This cream top by them is not yet in stores, but it is worth the trip to go get one. The sleeves hit right above the wrist so you can show off that new Michael Kors watch you bought last week and the draping v-neck is sensual without being too aggressive.

For the leather shorts, try this pair from Kitson. They are $198 and you will not find them cheaper anywhere else- trust us, we research these things.

Are you OBSESSING over these gladiators? If you were to just buy one pair of black gladiators this season, these are them! The metal details are brass and silver so they will match the hardware on any bag and they are $99 at Aldo- stop by and get yours in the store before they are gone.

  • Kim C

    Hey Amber! Is this the outfit you had on at the Shak trunk show? If so, I am ordering it right now! You looked amazing!

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