I have a two-part strategy when SALE shopping: get the basics (requisites) when they are cheap; get the pretty things (optional) when you can afford them.

(So basically, everything is on limits.)

This past weekend I went SALE shopping and ended up with two bikinis: the basic black string bikini that everyone should own, body permitting, and an adorable v-neck bikini that will go perfectly with a pair of high-waisted lace shorts.

My bill at theOutnet: black bikini, $65; pink bikini, $70. Total with 20% extra discount coupon: $108.

…almost like robbery.

  • Merritt

    saw that pink bikini on the Outnet and LOVE it! So unique!

    • Amber Venz

      I think so too! I have never seen one that does that. I think it will act as a good top with high-waisted shorts for when I am poolside.

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