This morning I hopped on a plane to Austin for a breakfast with the Glamourai at the new W Hotel. I was considering throwing on my LuLus (workout clothes) and changing into my real look once I landed; however, I remembered what Robert Rodriguez told me last week…

When I asked Robert about the dos and don’ts in ladies trends, he answered, “it doesn’t matter if you are at the grocery store or on an airplane, DRESS FOR THE OCCASION.

He expressed disgust at the women on his flight from LA to Dallas, “they were in sweats! There is a time for sweats: the grocery store.”

Thank you Robert. I dressed like a professional blogger today.

One of my favorite pieces from his Spring collection was this easy soft trench– perfect for air travel. Robert spoke of this piece and the trench-like romper in black as two go-to pieces for women this season.