FP pet project

I have been away from home for a few weeks and Sundays make me miss my my brother’s dog, Ella. She is usually curled up next to me like a cat while I prepare blog posts for the following week.

ella sundays

My friend, Paige, let me know about the FP Pet Project. After a little research, I found out that Free People is now selling pet accessories by Found My Animal. The brand’s mission is to raise awareness for rescue animals- a cause that I endorse. They donate money and products to various non-profits around the country and each product sold is individually numbered with a stamped tag to act as a reminder of the uniqueness of your animal and to track the number of animals helped so far.

Valentine’s Day is coming up, so here are my top choices for Ella’s gift:

Dallas readers: If you are interested in rescuing an animal or supporting a rescue charity, please contact Paws in the City.
Image via The Everygirl.
  • Lindsay // Belle Belle Beauty

    Adorable! I love the outtakes of you and Ella. Those pet accessories are so adorable. Tink and Izzy clearly need to go shopping at Free People STAT.

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