We are always looking for unique gifts and this Roberta Roller Rabbit lounge set absolutely falls into that category.

Stylish and feminine, RRR lounge sets are incredibly soft and comfortable with a medium rise and drawstring waist.

In case you are not familiar, RRR is known for hand block printing, a centuries old craft performed by the finest artisans in India.

The painstaking process involves the application of raw mixed paints on fabric using handmade irons or woodblocks. Several blocks are used to create one print because each color in the design is applied separately. The printed fabrics are then carefully laid out to dry in the sun transforming the color of the paint from dull and muddy into brilliant hues.

Because this is all done by hand (not one machine involved) and then dried by the sun, you will find some printing differences with the fabrics and products. This gives the collection its unique charm, and makes each piece special.