PERSONAL STYLE: update your look

To me, fur vests are the ultimate layering piece and over the past few months I have shown you all of my favorites, including the most frugal finds. (Just click here for a listing of them all.)

Now, it is actually cold outside and you are just wanting to throw on some warm layers to go holiday shopping.

Solution: luxe up your fur topper with a sweatshirt.

I suggest using a light heather grey hoodie that is not too bulky (dolman sleeves are not an option here). Heavy fabrics will bunch up in the arm holes and make you look like Chris Farley in Tommy Boy.

The Monroe hoodie is on SALE and has an oversized hood- giving the back of your look a more dramatic appeal. Although it is a fleece fabrication, the arms are extremely tapered so you will avoid the bunching.

Another basic option is this tonal fleece hoodie from the Gap (a store that has surprised me with some excellent design choices lately).

If the hood is just a little too “downtown” for you, try this alpaca/ wood blend skinny sleeve sweater and unbutton it down a bit.

Finally, a vintage waist belt will finish the look.