Since 5th grade I have been finding ways to create the fashionable items that I could not get my parents to buy me/ in my adult life couldn’t budget for.

Sign of a true fashionista, Margaret does the same thing. She blew us away with her white hero crane inspired tank.

While jotting down the designers from this look, she told us how her and her mom took this american apparel tank and created what we would call a masterpiece. They even sell them only at etsy for around $40 and you can design your own(TOTAL steal)!

With cool pieces like this one, little else is needed.

Her black J Brand jeans are the best on the market and a perfect balance for her volumous top.

Check out those booties! We showed you a pair earlier today that fits the bill (yes, we are still stuck on them).

Margaret’s accessories are always top notch- her Alexander Wang Brenda Mini Camera Bag works for a transition into the smaller, ladylike bags of the season.