Organizing Your Baby’s Closet


With baby boy on his way, it is time for me to start nesting! And of course I am starting with the closet. All of the clothes and accessories are so cute for babies but lets face it, babies have A LOT of stuff! So I am sharing some of my baby closet essentials to keep everything organized.

Baby Hangers – I went with the natural wood in Birdie’s closet as well as baby boy’s. They are sturdy and definitely worth getting over plastic. You won’t regret stocking up on these! Here is an affordable set of 36.

Size DividersThese are a lifesaver. It helps me pick Birdie’s outfits out quickly in the morning and I can also push to the back the sizes she has grown out of. With her growing like a weed, these are amazing.

Storage, Storage, and More Storage – These clear boxes are the best for holding all of Birdie’s bows and accessories. You can use an adult size shoe box or fun hat boxes depending on what kind of space you are working with. I also love these wire baskets to hold shoes or any extra baby accessories that happen to be lying around.