Top One-Piece Swim Suits for New Moms

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Does it ever go back? Naturally? No. At least mine hasn’t; but I don’t really care.

(We are talking about post-baby tummies here.)

Is my stomach back to its general size? Yes. But the consistency is a bit different. The cool thing about having a baby is that the baby is so great that you really (DGAF) about your abs, or lack thereof. The other cool thing is that there are some super adorable one-piece bathing suits that cover the area so all of us mommas can look great on our beach vacations.

Not all one piece-bathing suits are flattering for new moms, and it is also worth noting that I am not into spending tons on swimsuits. With that in mind, here is what landed in my shopping cart: (feel free to share with your favorite mommas- they probably don’t have the time to go on this hunt right now 🙂



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