I am newly OBSESSED with mixed prints. DVF guided me into this infatuation with her most recent Resort collection and now I feel like my mother, “Don’t leave the store until you have the whole outfit- all of the pieces!”

The key to mixing prints successfully is getting the entire look from one designer. It is hard to mix Oscar Ikat with Madison Marcus Ikat- the color ways will undoubtedly clash- a word that we want to avoid in the execution of this trend.

Our last GOTM, Marisol, turned me onto Free People after she did a show with the line and came away with some unique accessories. Since then, I have been combing through their catalogs and that is when I found the most adorable outfit: this one! The best part is that the entire look is under $200- so you really can afford to get the entire look from one designer!

Tie up this Sanctuary check shirt, tuck excess fabric into the Aster Fields skort (runs large) and don’t forget to break up the patterns with this neutral skinny belt.

If you are going for adorable, jump on your vintage beach cruiser.