Happy Friday! A few of you have requested I post makeup tutorials to see how to get my looks. My amazing Makeup Artist Carmen Williamson of EyeStruck Beauty is often the mastermind behind my makeup.

Today, Carmen shares her step-by-step process and the exact products she used on me for the PaperCity photoshoot last year (pictured above).

This was one of my favorite days with Amber when PaperCity came to the rewardStyle office last year. What I loved most was going a little edgy with Amber’s makeup.

Let’s talk about those eyes!  I wanted to open her eyes and then add some drama.

Final note on eyes: To keep any product on the eye from running when your natural oils surface or you get heated, I recommend taking a Q-Tip, dip a small amount of translucent powder (HOURGLASS Cosmetics Ambient and Radiant Light Powder) or skin tone eyeshadow (Make Up Forever M-534) and lightly go under eye area, very close to your liner or shadow you have applied.

Photography by Mindy Byrd and PaperCity

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