My Latest Store Discovery That Totally “Gets Me”

Venzedits_Modist Venzedits_Modist
A few weeks ago,  I was working in San Francisco and my kids were at home with my mom. Being “alone” gave me some time to check my Facebook feed for news (what I primarily use it for these days) and in the process, I came across an advertiser called “The Modist.” The ad carousel featured a series of products that I absolutely loved and I clicked through and ended up purchasing this beautiful top that I plan to wear on my upcoming trip to Asia and also to my friend, Whitney’s, wedding in Italy in a few weeks.


When the package arrived, the garment was wrapped in a beautiful box and it smelled INCREDIBLE! I hung it in my bedroom that night and the smell filled my room- I love it! (The top and the scent.) Have you ever been in a store where you love being there because of the fragrance? (Sort of like Abercrombie- but of course, not that scent.) There are a few luxury stores around town where I love buying their clothing because when I bring it home, it smells like that incredible, dream-land store. This scent was like that.


They also sent a magazine inside of the box and last tonight, Bax took Birdie to the grocery store to get food for our dinner and so I took the time to myself to read. The first page said “Luxury Modest Style for Extraordinary Women.” I had to laugh at myself a bit because I LOVED everything on their site- (finally- a store that gets me!) but of course, they market themselves on being modest, ha! I have been told that I dress like a grandma before- that started as early as high school – but I guess all of that was confirmed tonight when my self-identified soul store was for women who like to be modest.


Which got me thinking…I like luxury, designer (or designer inspired) clothing- and my work history is 100% in luxury women’s wear…so can we just assume that luxury clothing is modest? To dress in a way that makes you seem lux is innately modest? Honestly, I like this idea. I think dressing to show off your body is a completely different strategy than dressing to show off an artist’s work, or to show your own work (ability to mix colors and textures in an aesthetically pleasing way). I prefer drawing attention to the artist than to my body, but you probably already knew that.


Moral of the story is…I completely identify with this store, The Modist, and hope you find some goodies here as well. Worth noting that I know nothing else about this store other than what I have shared here – this is not a sponsored post. Friend to friend- I loved the experience and today I woke up and bought the matching skirt to that great top. I cant wait for it to smell up my room…again:)


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