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In December, I was invited to give a keynote at the Wired UK Retail Conference among speakers from Instagram, Google and more.

If you are interested in how content is changing the way we shop, take 20 quick minutes to see what I had to say:

While the in-book version is a bit different, click here to see what the Wired online editors had to say about my keynote. 

And, if you only read the article to get my look, this part is for you:

  • Glow On

    Brilliant idea. You definitely changed the landscape of instagram forever…and helped bloggers reap some rewards 🙂

  • Anny

    I was always curious about Rewardstyle and Like to know it.
    I know Like to know it was created for instagrammer who like to know the product on their bloggers’ picture they follow.
    And I yet I still dont understand what Rewardstyle was created for.
    Then, after this video I have a better insight of what Rewardstyle changes the retail industry.
    And that makes me admire you Amber from a fashion blogger to a real business woman and entrepreneur.
    I really am surprised by how your foresee the need of this fashion social media world and build a system to solve the problems based on the blog posts and instagram feeds
    Here is my compliment to you for your intelligence and the convenience you have created for us followers.
    Thank you and I really appreciate your work and admire your ideas.

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