louise roe front roe

Every girl is a fan girl at some point in their lives. A few years ago, I was a Louise Roe fan girl. I once had the chance to meet her and totally failed. I was in New York, having lunch between meetings at the Conde Nast building when Louise Roe walked out of the Times Square high rise and into a cab. I had just taken a bite of my burger at the restaurant next door and did not react fast enough to run out of the restaurant and into the street to tackle her before she drove away in the car.

Last fall I finally got to meet Louise through work (she has a blog now- check it out here) and kind of like I did with the Kosann sisters, just assumed the relationship.

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(I hate this picture of myself, but Louise looks great and I wanted to share a fun, unpublished pic of us hanging out in LA during my last trip.)

For those of you who don’t know Louise, her wiki page will tell you all of the official info. If you want the highlight reel- she is a phenomenally beautiful Brit, living in LA, with the kindest, friendliest, most helpful personality of any on-air personality I know (and she ranks highly among nice people in the broader population as well).

Now that Louise is my friend, I can say that I am proud of her for writing her first book, Front Roe. The book is filled with tips and tricks that we all need- everyone from the 8th grade girl to the high school grad to me and that girl’s mom. It is a guide to life for girls, written by someone who knows all of the right people to get all of the best answers.

Louise is currently touring with her book and she is such a lovely person, I would suggest going to meet her if she is in a town near you.

Congrats, Louise!