In the peak of my harness obsession a few weeks ago I ordered a Zana Bayne harness and I have been waiting for the right piece to pair it with.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I frequent fabric stores and when I find something I like, I generally purchase about four yards of it- enough to make a dress if I so decide. You have probably started to notice that I engage in a lot of D.I.Y.-ing.

I did not have time to find a dress for my boyfriend’s MBA graduation and to me, as an artist (of sorts), my outfit is my canvas and I want it to reflect my talent, so I created this dress for the occasion.

  • AlexHansen

    I want to wear this outfit! Love!

    • Amber Venz

      Alex! You can! All you need is a little linen, some hot glue (if you cant sew) and that harness 🙂

  • Megan Abigail Chandler

    this is s cool and original!!!! jealous!!!!

    • Amber Venz

      It is SO easy to make- you guys can do it!

  • Bradley

    LOVE this. What a gorgeous look.

  • Nancie

    This is Awesome Amber! I love the harness…so cool and it has personal style written all over it!xx

  • Melanie K.

    stunning. It’s perfection!

  • Amy

    This is gorgeous. So simple and so striking! I love Zana’s work, too.

  • Kathryn



  • Krystal Schlegel

    You need to be a dress designer this is beautiful! Had so much fun last night!

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