A bit kitsch, yes, but these fashion lips are winning me over. They are everywhere. Stella McCartney earns the blame- her recent collection looks like she collaborated with Hobby Lobby and MAC. None the less, I’m liking it. There is an appeal of happiness in her new pieces.

I hear that your tastebuds change every seven years and I think it is the same for your general style preferences. The seven year itch, the seven year maturation…not sure what it is but lately I have been attracted to girly clothing. I had this same phase about six years ago so I guess it is about time for my return to Gossip Girl-dom.

  • Kara

    Love the lips trend! I did a Markus Lupfer-inspired lips sweater DIY and a DVF-inspired lips bag DIY on the blog a while ago. And I’m loving the Stella dresses—obsessed with her black and white hearts dress too, which I’m sure you’ve seen!

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