When I gift, I take it seriously. I love to give themed gifts and for this Mother’s Day I am thinking Amalfi Coast.

To anchor the gift, I suggest a beachy Slim Aarons coffee table book. Options include:

Being a girl who frequents the dermatologist’s cutting table, I have sampled nearly every tanning product known to man and my absolute favorite is the Sally Hansen leg makeup. It does not stain your clothes or hands, smell at all and it does not come off in the pool. It is instant and I put it all over my body after every shower. Tan on, momma.

Speaking of saving your skin, every mom needs a unique, rich looking hat. When I first saw this one on my boyfriend’s mom I thought it was Hermes. Lets just say this is not your typical mom hat (and it is around $100). Thanks for the idea, Momma Box!

Every bronze mom needs a fabulous piece of gold jewelry for her evening exploits (or just a nice oceanside meal). I picture the late Elizabeth Taylor in this statement piece dancing at the Africana. This one is just $198!

We don’t want mom digging around in the endless abyss that is her carry-on handbag for a passport or camera so I suggest this small passport/ camera case gone clutch. What a prepared travel mom has become…

  • Matthew Heinrich

    Amber, you and your mother are beautiful. Love this pic of the two of you.

  • Merritt

    omg, LOVE this post!! You and your mother are beautiful and isn’t it so nice to have an incredible support system? Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

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